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Friday, 12 February 2016

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Kia ora, Kia orana, Malo e leiei, Talofa Lava, Namaste, Hello and Welcome to the Westmere School 
Working in partnership with our community, Westmere School is about providing the best learning opportunities for our children, to prepare them to be well educated, creative, thoughtful and responsible citizens in an ever changing world.

The 2011 ERO report states “Westmere School supports the learning of all students and has a robust, high energy, positive learning culture. This culture is underpinned by positive relationships and the school's philosophy of living and learning together."
"Strengths of the school are its well designed and well implemented curriculum, the Board's active partnership with the community, and the effective student-focused leadership of the principal and senior staff. Learning support programmes, focused teaching and an emphasis on improving teacher capability through targeted professional development are also strengths of the school."

At Westmere, we ensure that a variety of opportunities are available to promote children's physical, emotional, academic and social development. We believe that success is measured beyond just academic measures- we believe in educating the whole child.
Be it senior students taking leadership roles as peer mediators or mentors in junior social skills programmes, or playing in a recorder ensemble, guitar group, marimba band, dance group or sporting team, Westmere children are encouraged to follow their passions and give new things a go!

Our staff are dedicated, skilled and experienced and enjoy working collaboratively as a team. We are proud of our positive school tone and the sense of community we feel children experience when they relate in teina-tuakana roles.

The core values of our school are reinforced and encouraged in all aspects of our school life.

Our vision statement encourages the development of a nurturing place where students are excited by learning, aim to be the best they can be and where the talents and skills of each individual are valued and developed.

In our school culture and programmes, we aim to make this happen. Welcome to our community!



Carolyn Marino

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